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Golecha Glitter Cones for Temporary Henna Tattoos (Silver)


Glitter henna is different from normal henna. It is mainly used for decoration. It stays on your skin as long as you don't wash it away. Usually henna artist are using it to decorate the henna designs in order to give special effects to their art. Once glitter henna is dried on the skin. It can last for more then 24 hours depends on the after care . Once it is dried it gives beautiful shiny look. It's best for bridal henna art decoration .

Golecha glitter cones for body & nail art is formulated with clinically-tested ingredients which are exclusively packed in a ready-to-use cone with a convenient nozzle. These cones are available in Multi color.

These instant color glitter cones give rich color without causing any allergy, irritation or sensitivity to the skin. Golecha glitter cones are absolutely free of ammonia, PPD and other chemicals that might affect the skin, adversely.

Body art with glitter is one of the traditional & ethnic arts of India, where women adorn their hands, feet and nails with beautiful glitter patterns. These Get Set Go glitter cones come with active color formula and will make body & nail art absolutely herbal & safe.


  1. Clean your hands or the skin surface, before applying glitter henna onto it.
  2. Open the cap of the glitter henna cones and gently squeeze the tube to slowly make body art patterns.
  3. Always, keep a damp cloth along to clean or remove the mistakes in pattern.
  4. After application, let the glitter paste dry for 3-4 hours.
  5. It doesn’t get absorb into the skin. There is no need to remove the glitter while going for a party. It will remove by itself within 1-2 days.


  • Always ensure to keep glitter henna cones in a cold, dry place.
  • Don't mix anything in the glitter paste as these are ready-to-use cones.
  • Keep the tubes properly capped to avoid drying of henna.
  • Dispose the tubes, after use.

This product contains ingredients that may cause skin allergy, sensitivity or irritation in some cases. So, preliminary test is suggested to determine whether you are allergic to henna or not.

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