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Khadi Ayurvedic 10 Herbs Cellulite Oil

Khadi Ayurvedic 10 Herbs Cellulite Oil 
Ideal for Massages or as a Bath Additive.

  • Supports the metabolism
  • Generates heat in the skin

Khadi 10 Herb Cellulite Oil is specifically formulated to stimulate metabolism in the skin to dissolve fat and remove toxins. All the herbs in combination perform various functions to generate heat for proper blood circulation in the affected areas and activate the sluggish lymph system.

Mustard oil helps to detoxify and Sesame oil will lubricate and make the skin soft. Nagarmotha will activate cell metabolism and dissolve fat. Vacha will stimulate the nerves and Trikatu will induce sweating and help open up minute channels in the skin to flush out toxins and fat. Manjistha will help regulate the sluggish lymph system.

Some herbs like Turmeric and Ajwain act as powerful cleansers, while Cinnamon acts as a moderator for all the herbs.Clove oil enhances circulation.

Cellulite not only changes the appearance of the skin but affects complexion. Zaffran in the oil will restore normal skin tone.

Essential oils which help fight cellulite like Lemon and Orange along with Rosemary and Patchouli fortifies Khadi 10 Herb Cellulite Oil.

Directions: Massage Khadi 10 Herb Cellulite Oil into skin in a circular motion until the oil is completely absorbed. Use a liberal amount of oil so that your hands glide easily over your skin. Use twice daily.

To help the metabolisim, use after a soak in a warm bath or after going out for a run.

Khadi 10 Herb Cellulite Oil generates heat for a warming effect on your skin.

Do not use on cuts or abrasions.

Keep away from children.

Ingredients (INCI): Brassica Juncea · Sesamum Indicum · Cyperus Scariosus · Acorus Calamus · Piper Nigrum · Zingiber Officinalis · Citrus Medica Limonum Peel Oil · Piper Longum · Curcuma Longa · Cinnamomum Cassia Extract · Carum Copticum · Crocus Sativus · Eugenio Caryophyllus · Rubia Cordifolia · Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Peel Oil · Rosmarinus Officinalis Oil · Pogostemon Cablin


This product has been certified by BDIH

Natural cosmetics have become a major trend in recent years. There is a growing awareness that we are responsible for the world in which we live, and an increasing concern for our own health. We appreciate the delicate balance of the natural world and strive to maintain this harmony by using environmentally-friendly products that are nurturing to us and as harmless as possible to the earth.

Concern for our physical appearance must be balanced with finding conscientious means in which to care for our skin and our health in general. We believe natural cosmetics should offer you, in the truest sense of the word wholesome personal care.

How does one decide what is good for us and what isn't? Wellness, fitness and an evolving awareness of holistic health have revolutionized the cosmetic market. The choice of products responding to the trend toward natural is immense.



Nature’s way to eliminate cellulite

Khadi’s 10 Herb Cellulite oil is a powerful combination of herbs and oils to eliminate cellulite & toxins for that perfectly toned body

The science of life ‘Ayurveda’ merged with the philosophy of self-reliance ‘Khadi’ brings to you a range of personal care products based on the ethics and principles of both.

Ayurveda originated in India long back in pre-vedic period. Khadi follows this history and combines it with modern demands for natural and organic products. Our aim - complete natural products - for customers who would like to have the best of ‘Ayurveda’. Based on this we will continue to develop and produce modern natural cosmetic products adapted from old ayurvedic formulas.

Khadi in it’s origin is Indian homespun, usually in cotton and silk, and made entirely by hand from the yarn to the cloth. The Khadi movement started already in 1920 under the special guidance of Mahatma Ghandi. Today it developed to a synonym for natural, organically produced products from rural India.

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