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Fancy Stick-on Bindis (Length=15mm)

Fancy Stick-on Bindis (Length=15mm)
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Fashionable Stick-on Bindis (for Forehead and any other body parts)

Originally wedding jewelry, this indian fashion staple will ensure that eyes will be pointed at you wherever you appear. Glue is already applied, so all you have to do is place the bindis gently onto the desired spots. These bindis are also fit for multiple use, careful treatment provided.

Color and shape as seen in the picture (very slight deviations are possible).


  • Peel gently
  • Apply on clean and dry skin
  • Glue used is tested & hygientic
  • Keep away from dust & moisture for lasting.
  • Apply if on different parts of body to create your on style and fashion
  • Replace the bindi back after usage for long lasting gum.


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loading... Fancy Stick-on Bindis (Length=15mm) Fancy Stick-on Bindis (Length=15mm)