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Tiffin Dabba from stainless steel with 3 Bowls

New Collection 2013

Tiffin-Box (Lunch Box) - Authentic Food Carrier from India

This is a popular carrier for freshly cooked dishes. It comprises 4 tiers each of which is a cup for storing an individual ingredient (e.g. rice, soup...) to the meal. These cups are stacked and then locked so that the food can be savely transported.

Our Tiffin containers are infinitely reusable, dishwasher safe, and free of harmful toxins. More than the ideal food container, these Tiffin containers are darn near a fashion statement with their sleek polished exterior and compact, easy carry design. Lightweight and stackable, our Tiffin containers come in a variety of sizes. Use them for leftovers, picnics, camping, or as handy containers for any small items, such as sewing notions, office supplies, or fishing gear.

This item is suited for safely transporting food, but not neccessarily for keeping it warm in the long run.

Cup diameter: 10 cm

Cup depth: 5 cm

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