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Henna Applicator Dispensing bottle with 8 different Dispensing Head

Dispensing bottle selection of high quality and environmentally friendly materials, flexible, can be used repeatedly.

With this handy applicator bottle incl. 8 essays with different openings draw beginners like the pros. The professional henna applicator is a 'must-have' for every henna artist. Whether simple or elaborate motifs, the use for the Henna applicator is almost unlimited and the results are almost indistinguishable from professional tattoos.

Content bottle: 30ml, 50ml

Heads Qty: 8

Heads Diameter: 0,1mm - 1mm

  • PROFESSIONAL: With the Henna applicator bottle you create temporary tattoos like the pros
  • VERSATILE: The Henna Applicator is ideal for Jagua Gel, Golceha, Neha and all other henna products
  • HYGIENIC: The bottle and attachments are easy to clean with warm water
  • REUSABLE: After cleaning, the applicator can be reused
  • FLEXIBLE: The soft applicator bottle fits well in the hand and the 8 different head make it possible to paint beautiful and complex motifs

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