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Neha Natural Hair Colour with godness of Mehandi & Herbs (Dark Brown) 10x15g Box

Neha Natural Hair Colour - with godness of Mehandi & Herbs

Silk Shine like Cream Gloss Colour Adds Strength & Natural Glow To Hair Free from Harmful Chemicals.

Colour: Dark Brown

Key ingredients: Henna, Phenylenediamine, Phenylenediamine content after dilution is not more than 1,5%, in powder form it is not less than 8% (When packed).

Net Weight: 150g (10 x 15g Box) incl. application instruction brochure in many languages

Owing to our modernized infrastructure, skilled craftsmen and highly developed technological procedure, we put forward a special collection of Man-made Hair cares products which include Neha kali Mehandi and Neha burgundy Mehandi. These are safe to use without causing any damage to your hair.

Now don’t let your grey hair embarrass you in front of all. Use Neha Henna available in black, burgundy and dark brown color. It is of world-class quality and does not cause any side-effect. As a result, you are left with long-lasting, strong and lustrous hair leaving you more beautiful than ever.

How to use:

  • Shampoo your hair before using Neha Natural for a rich color. Do not apply hair oil before application.
  • Add the contents of the pack in the ceramic bowl and mix 11 teaspoons (55ml) water in to it.
  • To avoid stains, apply cream around hair line before aplication.
  • Allow the color to develop for 30 to 35 minutes after application  and then wash thoroughly.
  • Do not store the unused mixture.

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