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Sona Pure Desi Atta

This Whole wheat flour special blend is used to bake indian or pakistani bread.

To bring you this Chapatti Atta, we have selected wheat the traditional way - it has to be heavy on the plam, golden amber in colour and hard in bite. We follow the "farm to kitchen process". To source the wheat we work directly with the farmers through our choupals. Then the wheat goes through quality checks and modern "chakki" grinding processes at the plants. Ensuring you get the  right mix of taste and nutrition. This chapatti Atta is prepared exactly the way you do everything for your family.

Ingredients: Stone-Ground Whole Wheat Flour 

Instruction (for 4 Chapattis)
1.) Mix 200g Atta with 150ml warm water. To make soft chapattis you can add a small amount of ghee, butter or oil, this is optional.

2.) Knead the dough, so that is has a soft smooth texture.

3.) Then make small round balls approx the size of a lime and roll out the dough so that it is circular and to the surface or the rolling pin, sprinkle dry four.

4.) Put the chapatti onto a pre-heated non-stick pan and cook both sides, until golden brown. To make the chapatti rise a small dry cloth and gently apply pressure to the chapatti. Alternatively, you can remove the pan and put it on direct heat for 3-4 seconds. The chapatti is now ready and can be eaten with an Indian curry/dish.

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