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Soul Tree Signatum Wine - Rosé (Shiraz - Zinfandel) From the heart of India

SOUL TREE - Handcrafted Indian Wine | Nasik Valley, INDIA

Handpicked grapes crafted to create a distinctive wine with an unmistakable tropical twist.

Wine has been produced in India for centuries, however it is the contemporary producers in the picturesque Nasik valley on the Kumbh Mela pilgrimage, that are reviving the craft. India is a beautiful country that bombards your senses from every angle and the soul tree wines are no exception.

Grapes: Rosé (SHIRAZ - ZINFANDEL) 
Region: India | Nasik Valley
Alc.: 12,5% Vol
Content: 75 CL

Nose: Fresh fruit aromas
Palate: Crisp and refreshing with juicy strawberry, light spice & pepper 
Serve:  Well Chilled (8-10°C).  Versatile anytime Rosé. Ideal with spicy Asian Cuisine

Fresh with juicy red fruits, good acidity and appealing spice and pepper flavours. This Soul Tree Rosé is one of our best wines for spicy cuisine with the right level of residual sugar that will counter the heat coming from chilli peppers and other spices and a level of acidity that will refresh and awaken your taste buds to enhance the overall experience. It pairs very well with the spicy tandoori dishes, tikkas, kebabs, vindaloos, and dhansak dishes that you will find in your local takeaways and restaurants.

Perfect with:
Spicy fish, meat and poultry; wide range of hot and spicy curries, tandoori, tikkas, and kebabs; Afro-Caribbean spicy BBQ sauces (a la West Indian Hot Sauce), spicy Tabasco & Cayenne based sauces on chicken (a la Louisiana Hot Sauce); and spicy Afro-Portuguese ‘birds eye chilli’ based sauce marinated chicken & fish (a la Peri-Peri sauces).

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