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The Namesake - DVD (German Edition) Tabu, Irfan Khan

Starcast: Kal Penn , Irfan Khan , Tabu

Director: Mira Nair

Language: German, English, Spanish

Subtitle: German, English, Spanish, Turkish, Danish, Finnisch, Norwegisch, Schwedisch

A young Bengali girl who is trained in classical singing is married to a Bengali man who has settled in New York. She moves there with him leaving behind her family and the life she knows. The two of them try to adjust to the way of life in New York and to assimilate the cultural differences. In time, the couple grow to love one and other though it is hard to express their feelings having been brought up to hide emotion between a man and woman. In time, Ashima gives birth to a baby boy who is named Gogol by his father, who is studying for a PhD, and who seems to have a special connection with the author Nikolai Gogol. Gogol is given this name as his pet or everyday name and the name Nikil as his 'good' name as per Bengali culture. He is soon joined by a sibling, Sonia. Gogol grows up as a typical American teenager and, inspired by a family trip to the Taj Mahal in India, studies to become an architect. He finds love with Maxine and is soon a part of her family, which goes hand in hand with his distancing from his own family. However, when his father unexpectedly dies from a heart attack, Gogol is forced to confront his fears about his cultural identity and rejects Maxine's attempts to support him through his intense grief, which ultimately ends the relationship. Gogol meets an old childhood acquiantance, a second generation Bengali like him, Moushumi, who has embraced the western way of life as keenly as he has. They get married, but that happiness is soon destroyed by Moushumi's affair with a French ex of hers. Gogol finally learns to make peace with his culture and his circumstances. He and Moushumi acknowledge that no one is perfect. Meanwhile, Ashima embraces a new life of freedom though one that comes at a price - the price of widowhood.

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