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Joroo Ka Ghulam - DVD (Rajesh Khanna , Nanda , Om Prakash)

Starring: Rajesh Khanna, Nanda, Om Prakash, Iftekhar, Sharad Kumar, Ramesh Deo, Nana Paliskar, Achala Sachdev, Jay Shree T

Producer: Nishi Kohli

Director: A.Bheem Singh

Music: Kalyanji Anandji

Language: Hindi (Dolby Digital)

Subtitle: English

Code: all Regions (NTSC)


Did you had a bad day at office? Did you have to wait for long hours at the bus stop to the Q? Did you have to wrestle with your tap to squeeze a few drops of water? Did you have to pay through your nose for buying the necessities of life? All or any of these things are part of your life today...time consuming, frustrating, pointless, boring... For all these there is only one thing the doctor recommends as a panacea - a few hours of relaxation. Immediately you must with your wife and family, if you have one or with your girl friend - if you have a few - see JOROO KA GHULAM. It is the story of Rajesh (Rajesh Khanna), his love for Kalpana (Nanda), his marriage with Kalpana and his meeting with his father-in-law ! And what is meeting ! You have to see the film to know how much of fun there is in it for you. And so we donÕt tell you the story : we only wish you to see it, to believe it.

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