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JISM - DVD (German Edition) John Abraham, Bipasha Basu ...

Starring : John Abraham, Bipasha Basu, Gulshan Grover

Language : Hindi, German

Subtitle : German


JISM tells the story of Kabir Lal (John Abraham), a restless, reckless and alcoholic lawyer whose steady race towards self-destruction even his close friends are unable to stop. A chance encounter with Sonia Khanna (Bipasha Basu)  a young, sexy and dangerously ambitious wife of a middle-aged industrialist Rohit Khanna (Gulshan Grover)  exposes Kabir to needs, emotions and areas of himself that he never encountered before including crime.

The sexual chemistry between the couple intensifies with each encounter and blinds them to the point where they decide to get rid of Rohit together. The trouble in paradise begins when the murder plan is executed successfully and Sonia begins to take independent decisions.

Soon, Kabir finds himself a helpless victim at the hands of his conscience, circumstances and Sonia. Legal entanglements, moral apprehensions and mad, destructive passion towards possessing Sonia lead Kabir to his inevitable doom and ironically towards his redemption.

JISM is scripted by Mahesh Bhatt, has dialogues by Niranjan Iyengar and music by M.M. Kreem. Pooja Bhatt and Sujit Kumar Singh produce the film.

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