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Jigar (DVD) Ajay Devgan, Karishma Kapoor, Arjun, Aruna Irani

Cast: Ajay Devgan, Karishma Kapoor, Arjun, Aruna Irani, Ajit, Gulshan Grover

Language: Hindi (Dolby Digital)

Subtitle: English

Code: All Region


Jigar is the ultimate Bollywood Kung Fu style action movie. It has a mix of Hollywood and Hong Kong movies. Kickboxer, Bloodsport are the Hollywood Films it Copied. Snake in the Eagle Shadow is among the Jackie Chan film it copies. Ajay Devgan is the Hero, who"s sister gets raped by local Fighting champion. Ajay wishes to take revenge, by beating him. He trains under Ajit (Remind you of Kickboxer, same training style"s). He learns many moves including the snake style (Same fighting style as JAckie Chans Snake in the Eagle shadow). Ajay Enter"s the tournament, and the Baddie cheats by throwing powder (Bloodsport style). The movie was a nice effort, I"m sure many people who have never seen Van Damme and Jackie Chan movies enjoyed this. For Bollywood, Ajay does have some impressive skills, nothing compared to Bruce and Jackie of course. Karishma is useless as usual. Aroona Irani is normally a great actress, but here she goes over the top. Good effort, but I"m a Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan freak, so i did not enjoy this.

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