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Seven Chakras Incense Sticks (20g)

Burning incense is a good way to make a room a nice sanctuary where you go to relax. With some soft music, it can be the ultimate getaway, or a place for meditation and relaxation, all in your own home.

Burning time: 30 min per stick.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex and is used to describe th energy centes of the body. There are seven Chakras, each being associated with certain parts of the physical body as well as with our mind and spiritual development. Balancing of these Chakras may help in creating a life of harmony, health spiritual awakening.*The box contains 7 fragrances - Muladhara(Root Chakra), Swadhisthana(Sacral Chakra), Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra), Anadhata (Heart Chakra), Vissudha (Throat Chakra), Ajna (Third Eye Chakra), Sahasrana (Crown Chakra).


  • Root Chakra (Muladhara): A physical and emotional sedative that is warming, relaxing and protective
  • Sacral Chakra (Swadhistana) : Refreshing, Calming and uplifting, for loving one's body
  • Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura): Aids in mobilizing personal energy, tonifying and encouraging
  • Heart Chakra (Anahata): Soothing and gently sedating, helps clam, heal and protect
  • Throat Chakra (Vissudha): For moving through fear of expression, anti -spasmodic and claming
  • Third Eye Chakra (Ajna): An aid to meditation, helps in releasing anxiety
  • Crown Chakra (Sahasrana): For listening to the harmony of the anxiety

Packaging Units:
10g (8-10 Sticks)
15g (13-15 Sticks)
20g (18-20 Sticks)
30g (26-28 Sticks)
120g (6x20g = 120 Sticks)
180g (12x15g = 170 Sticks)
192g (12x16g = 180 Sticks)
240g (12x20g = 215 Sticks)
250g (25x10g = 225 Sticks)
360g (12x30g = 325 Sticks)

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