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Temporary Henna Tattoo for the Hands (an Alternative to Henna Painting)

Rub-on tattoo (an alternative to Henna painting)

There are a total of four tattoos on one sheet. 1x right hand, 1x left hand, two additional matching tattoos for free use all over the entire body.

A tattoo is an elaborate decoration which is attached to your skin by color or as a sticker. In India, It is mostly worn for dancing or when attending weddings and it rounds out a perfect apparel. This tattoo is applicable on every part of the body and it has varied uses, be it as decoration or simply as adequate oriental adornment that goes well with oriental clothing.

Easily applied, easily removed.


1. Skin must be clean and dry with little or no hair.

2. Cut out the design and remove the transparent paper cover (top sheet).

3. Put the tattoo face down onto the skin.

4. Rub the back of the tattoo firmly with water, a damp cloth or sponge for 20-30 seconds.

5. After removing the paper, wipe the tattoos clean.

6. The tattoos can be easily removed at any time by using alcohol or a cold cream.

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