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Neha Henna Paste Cones (Redbrown) 100% natural

100% natural and safe product for creating your own Body Art Henna temporary tattoos.

The natural dye in henna creates a strong pigment for your body art-work. The design will begin to fade after 7 -10 days.

Color: Red - Brown

How to use:

  • Cut a small tip off the end of the cone.
  • Test the strength of colour on a piece of paper and how much squeeze pressure etc to use on the cone.
  • Draw the design or use henna stencil and fill the design with henna paste.
  • Use the henna cone as you would a pencil to apply your design directly to the skin.
  • Apply the Henna sparingly as you don't want big blobs fuzzing your design work.
  • Leave to dry naturally.

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