Kamasutra White Wine (Sauvignon Blanc)


Indian best White Wine

0,75 l
Alcohol Content
12,5 vol. %
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Kamasutra White Wine (Sauvignon Blanc)

Be enchanted by the gold green color, born from an attentive selection of grapes at perfect maturity levels, Sauvignon Blanc from the Naryana hills carries a rather light lemony flavour that lingers fresh right through to the finish. Exotic aromas with a sweet whiff of pineapples, grapefruits, bananas and guavas touched with hte crisp scent of grapefruit. Sassy and vibrant, this wine is ideal as an appetizer, to be accompanied with cashew nuts and almonds. It is suitable for all types of fish and steamed jumbo prawns and goes well with delicately spiced indian cuisines. It is served at 10°.

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