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Golecha Multani Face Pack Powder with Rose (for smooth & fair skin) 100g

Golecha Face Pack with ROSE is a natural clay is an excellent toner if facial skin and is astringent. The tightening errect helps the blocked pores to open-up, stimulating the blood vessels and improving blood circulation for new growth of cells and also toning the facial muscles making it soft, smooth and wrinkle free it draws out extra oilness of the facial skin and prevent pigmentation freckles, black head, acne blemishe and pimples.

• natural Cooling Agent
• Soothing fragrance
• Cures skin infections

NOT tested on animals.

Directions for use:

  1. Mix sufficient quantity of Face Pack Powder with water to make a creamy paste.
  2. Apply the paste on the face and neck evenly leaving the eyes and lips.
  3. Leave the paste to dry until a tightening effect is experienced.
  4. Wash off with abundant water and pat dry gently. Do not use soap afterwards.

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