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Chehraa - DVD (German Edition) Bipasha Basu, Dino Morea

Starcast: Dino Morea & Bipasha Basu

Language: Hindi, German (Dolby Digital 5.1)

 Subtitles: German

Code: 2


Aakash [Dino Morea] and Megha [Bipasha Basu] are students in the same college. The two fall in love and decide to marry.

Megha has a past. An ugly childhood. Her father [Govind Namdev], a rogue, had ill-treated her mother [Navni Parihar]. He was an alcoholic and showed no interest in the family life. Because of this behavior, he once gets into trouble with a policeman and gets imprisoned. Owing to his misdoings, Megha and her mother run away to live a peaceful life. Fifteen years later, the man re-emerges on the scene and starts physically abusing the wife, now a mentally challenged person. Unable to see her mother getting tortured and abused, Megha kills her father in a fit of fury.

Five years later, Aakash and Megha meet again. This time, as a patient and doctor. Megha constantly keeps hallucinating that someone is out to kill her. But the problem is that she doesn't have a clue why anyone would want to harm her. Aakash, a psychiatrist, is now entrusted the case of Megha.

Megha is now married to a tycoon, Chandra Diwan [Irrfan], who believes that his wife has gone insane. Chandra too has a past: He was a drug addict and his father had hired Megha to nurse him.

Back to the present: Chandra hires an assassin [Nawab Khan] to eliminate Megha. But Aakash arrives at the nick of time and saves her every time. The story shifts to Dubai, when Chandra decides to take not just his wife, but also Aakash and Reena [Preeti Jhangiani], who love Aakash since college days.

It's here that Aakash realizes Chandra's game plan…


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