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GAJA GAMINI - DVD (Shahrukh Khan & Madhuri Dixit)

Starring: Shahrukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit ...

Language: Hindi (Dolby Digital 5.1)

Subtitle: English, Spanish, French...

Region: All 


God must have felt pity for bollywood when he made Maqbool Fida Husain make a movie. but, perhaps like Noah, Husain too will need a great flood to be appreciated by the public.

are you someone whose tastes in music dont go much beyond backstreet boys or all saints? does your definition of fashion change with that of versace and armani? would you go bowling with your friends rather than read something the world has called a 'literary masterpiece' ? ..or are you someone who likes pandit hariprasad chaurasia and bach as much as daler mehndi if not more....someone who looks beyond cargos and capris.....someone who would love to spend an evening reading PG Wodehouse

i have no hassles at all with either of the types... its your personality.. its just style... different strokes for different blokes. but you would indeed have one with gaja gamini if you belong to the first type. to be frank, you wont understand it. however, if you have ever seen even a hint of the second type in yourself, read on....

the abstract film is bereft of a conventional storyline, has no hero or heroine, no beginning or ending, no story...just an idea. an idea of the timeless beauty of woman, which gave birth to sheer beauty of direction through mf husain.

the idea, however absurd it may sound to you, is canvassed in this spectacular piece of moving art in the form of various avatars of womankind. mona lisa - mona lisa-the lady with the mysterious smile, phoolwanti- the flower seller who hides a gun beneath beautiful blossoms , monika- the modern actress who searches for love, the stable noorbibi, shakuntala - the inspiration of poets, the leader of mankind into a new era..all brought to life in the most metaphoric manner ever seen on screen.

while kamdev,with lonardo da vinci as his companion travels through eons of time on the trail of gaja gamini, science ( represented by a scientist) and art ( by kalidas ) bump into each other while on the same pursuit. and if you are in pursuit of a good artistic experience, dont miss this film at any cost.

music by bhupen hazarika complements the movie extremely well. the visuals are mesmerizing. all credit goes to a well conceived vision by the man himself...m.f. husain.

a few words for those who are shouting from rooftops about how pathetic this movie is because of the absence of a plot. i dont think a movie as artistic, and beautifully artistic at that, could have been made without a completely abstract plot. to call a spade a spade, you would like it if you are a dreamer, if you like interpreting dreams, intepreting art.

they say that the greatest of artists get most of their appreciation and recognition after their death...m.f. husain's enigmatic experiment with creativity and self expression (if you think there's a difference between the two) is above all doesnt need any recognition.. for it is a recognition itself, of the greatness of art.

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