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Bollywood Hollywood - DVD (German Edition) Rahul Khanna, Lisa Ray

Starring: Rahul Khanna , Lisa Ray , Moushmi Chatterjee , Akshay Khanna (Guest)

Language: English, German (Dolby Digital 5.1)

Subtitle: English, German

Code: 2

Special Feature:

  • Exclusive Preview
  • Exclusive Footage - Additional Scenes from the film
  • Interviews
  • TV Spots and Theatrical Trailor

Rahul Seth (Rahul Khanna) is a young millionaire who believes he is �western� enough to rebel against his mother (Moushumi Chatterjee) and grandmother (Dina Pathak). They are not too keen about his Caucasian girlfriend Kimberly (Jessica Pare), who, to make matters worse, is a pop star.

Kimberly dies in a freak accident and Rahul is devastated. Instead of allowing him to mourn in peace, Rahul's mother threatens to call off his sister's (Rishima Malik) wedding unless he finds himself a nice Indian girl.

Rahul enlists the services of Sue (Lisa Ray), who accepts the deal to pose as his Indian bride-to-be. Slowly, Sue endears herself to Rahul's family. She cracks a tough nut like his grandmother, becomes friends with his sister and younger brother and even calls the shots with his chauffeur (Ranjit Chowdhry).

It seems that everyone is falling in love with Sue. Even, perhaps, Rahul. During the course of his sister's marriage celebrations, Sue breaks through Rahul's tough exterior and helps him find his heart again.

But an incident changes things. Does Rahul accept Sue for who she is and what she represents?

Lisa seems to have a natural flair for comedy and a knack to tickle the funny bone. Moreover, she has grooved perfectly into the role that is pretty much close to her real self.

Rahul Seth too deliver goods playing the �half-confused, half-assured� young man who gradually falls in love with a girl who �detests� the Indian men as �chumps�.

All in all, �Bollywood Hollywood� is a film that will bring a broad smile to faces, even the brooding ones.

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