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Bollywood Collection - 5 DVD Box

Bollywood Collection 2 in German Language (5 Disk Set)


Languages: German, Hindi
Subtitles: German
Duplicate: Starring: SHAHRUKH KHAN, JUHI CHAWLA, SONALI BENDRE Synopsis: Duplicate is essentially a movie about two men, one good and one bad but who coincidentally have the same face.Babloo (Shahrukh Khan) is basically a daydreamer and aspires to a chef on international repute. He is forever daydreaming of cooking at 5 star establishments. Manu Dada (Shahrukh Khan) on the other hand is a ruthless criminal on the run. Babloo is in love with Sonia (Juhi Chawla) who is the Banquet Manager of an upscale hotel. She is always a part of his dreams. He wishes to take her abroad and settle down. Manu romances with a cabaret dancer Lilly (Sonali Bendre). Babloo and Manu's tracks keep alternating till they converge at the interval point of the film. After which Manu takes advantage of the innocent Babloo and continues his violent escapades using Babloo's identity. Babloo eventually retaliates and seeks revenge. Will Babloo defeat Manu? Will he reach his goals and make all his dreams come true? And what happens to Manu? To find out, watch DUPLICATE.
Asambhav: Starring: ARJUN RAMPAL, NASEERUDDIN SHAH, PRIYANKA CHOPRA, MILIND GUNAJI, MUKESH RISHI, ANUPAMA VERMA Synopsis: A high level kidnapping...A terrifying conspiracy... Drugs... greed... oomph... glamour...This is the intricate web that Capt. Aadit Arya has to penetrate to accomplish Mission Asambhav. Who is a friend? Or is everyone a foe?It's a deadly mission where a phone call can end your life and a serene vineyard can turn into a killing field; where a sunny island hides sinister secrets... and nothing is what it seems. He has to dodge danger and deceit and escape sudden death by the skin of his teeth. As he battles the impossible odds; treachery too reveals its ugly face and Capt. Aadit Arya, the Indian Army's best, finds himself playing a deadly cat and mouse game with the terrorists' worst.High octane action, dramatic escapades, technical wizardry, exotic locales and exciting music... such is the potent stuff that makes Asambhav such an edge-of-the-seat, one-of-its-kind thriller.

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