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Bachelor of Hearts - DVD (German Edition)

Starring: Ruhil, Sonika Kapoor, Mangal Kenkre

Language: German , Hindi (Dolby Digital 5.1)

Subtitle: German

Code: 2


This film is on the growing pains of Raghu More- a decent idealistic middle class boy, a 'vernacular' student in the midst of a hep city college crowd, that looks down upon him and his friends - practical Pinnakin Patel, and dreamer Balkrishna Subramanium as Black Mani. Raghu's problem becomes impossible to handle when he falls in love with Ramona - the most modern girl in college who thinks that people like Raghu are a joke. Raghu makes grand plans to get close to Ramona, but is humiliated in public. He swears revenge. Enter 'INTEL', a sharp tongued 19-year-old girl-woman who dresses like a man, and affects an air of cynical nonchalance. She decides to teach Raghu that being hep is no big deal and she is successful in making him realise that fact. And, in the process, she falls in love with him. Raghu's dreams come true when he and Ramona get close, even though she has a boyfriend, Rocky. Later on, when he wins the college dance competition and turns into the college hero, Ramona starts wanting him. That is when Raghu comes face to face with the real Ramona, and himself!!…

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