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Andaz - DVD (Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar, Nargis)

Starring: Nargis, Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar

Language: Hindi (5.1Dolby Digital)

Subtitle: English

Code: 0 (alle Regionen)


Neeta, a modern educated lady, inherits her father's business empire. Dilip saves her life and in sheer gratitude, she entrusts the management of the business to him. Dilip, who has fallen in love with her, mistakes the gesture as a reciprocation of his love. Neeta is engaged to a rich spoilt playboy, Rajan, who is very immature. Neeta and Rajan get married and Dilip's efficiency suffers due the torment he goes through. Rajan suspects Neeta and Dilip of having an affair and threatens to beat up Dilip. Angry and bitter, Neeta shoots Dilip and is jailed for his murder.

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