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Shan Pav Bhaji Mix (Gewürze für Gequetschtes Gebratenes Gemüse) 100g

Pav Bhaji is an Indian fast food dish that is very popular all over the country, especially in Mumbai. The ‘bhaji’ is a mix of mashed vegetables like potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, beans etc. cooked in typical Maharashtrian style. Squeeze a little lemon juice on it before serving and garnish with chopped onions and coriander to make it truly traditional.

The ‘pav’ or bread can be buttered and toasted lightly on a pan and served with the bhaji. If the traditional pav bread is not available, the bhaji or curry can also be served with buttered and toasted hot dog buns or burger buns. 

Tip: Go heavy on the butter and toast the breads till crisp.  

Shan Pav Bhaji Masala is added to the vegetable while they are being fried. It gives the dish the most appetizing, delicious aroma and makes it a complete hot and spicy meal.

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