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Maine Dil Tujhko Diya -DVD mit Hologram (Sanjay Dutt ,Sohail ,Sa

Maine Dil Tujhko Diya -DVD mit Hologram (Sanjay Dutt ,Sohail ,Sa

Schauspieler: Sanjay Dutt , Sohail Khan , Sameera Reddy , Kabir Bedi , Dalip Tahil , Neeraj

Regie: Sohail Khan

Sprache: Hindi (Dolby Digital)

Untertitel: English

Ländercode: All Regions

For Ajay, life was an aimless fight until he met Ayehsa. For Bhaijaan, life was a ruthless game, till he met Ajay. All seemed fine in Ajay's life. Latent power emerged from his overpowering persona. He could not help but be a protector of sorts and had the unflinching loyalty of his friends, "The Aryans". But something was amiss. Even he dis not know what was missing until he met the lovely Ayesha. In his life where fisticuffs were rampant, she brought with her, sunshine and joy. Then came Bhaijan, the biggest, most dangerous obstacles of them all. He was determined to make sure that Ajay could never get Ayesha. But something significant happened and everything changed forever. When life poses all the questions, love provides all the answers.

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