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Aanch - DVD (Nana Patekar , Paresh Rawal , Sharbani)

Aanch - DVD (Nana Patekar , Paresh Rawal , Sharbani)
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Starring: Nana Patekar , Paresh Rawal , Suchindra Bali , Sharbani Mukherjee , Nirmal Pandey

Producer: Puneet Khare

Director: Rajesh Kumar

Music: Sanjeev - Darshan

Language: Hindi (Dolby Digital 5.1 )

Subtitle: Englisch

Running Time: approx. 160 Minuten

Code: all Region (NTSC)


Set amongst the a Gangatic plains of crime infested northern India and based on a true – life incident „ Aanch“ is a story of blooming love between a newly married couple. A story , which is a class apart , a grandiose tale , which has neither been told before on the Indian Silver Screen and would probably never, he told again. This love – tale criss – crosses across the rural Uttar Pradesh , where egos are larger than life , corruption and repotism is rampant , where real guns and land grenades are toys for the infants to play with and where common man is a pawn in the hands of few politician riding the elephants of their caste. Amongst this socio-political may them , forced by strength of characters, rises the undying love of the couple and is born an original love Story –“Aanch” Aanch is the story of today, modern yet traditional disgusting yet inspiring . It is a story, which shall make you sit up in your seats , layer by layer it unfolds the high drama and compels you to think about the many illustrated facts. In Aanch the city plays a big role as the village. The compelling circumstances push and force the hero and the heroine to come to the town. They are happy to escape the brutal world of rural India and to find their careers. But there happiness is short lived and once again the circumstances compel them to return to the village. Belonging to the two feuding families the lovers virgin “love” instead of cooling the wild passion of hatred gives wind to the burning amber, It flames the fire , scores of people die , hundreds of cattle perish and thousands are left homeless. Hamlet after hamlet , village after village is torched and in the ravines and the great indo- gangatic plains of Uttar Pradesh the modern day Mahabharata is fought...

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